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In a family or a place where one person is rich, the person is still suffering because one person cannot enjoy what is good alone and be encouraging to others. Travelling around the globe and my interaction with people from many countries have provided inspiration and experience found in “SHORT SAYINGS AND THE REALITIES OF THIS TROUBLED WORLD.

We face challenges in one way or the other, no human or country is free from trouble because this world is full of distress. Today happy, tomorrow crying and everybody cannot have problems on the same day.        

Read this book with humility and deeply meditate on it. You will acquire wisdom, understanding, good discernment, instruction, reasoning talent and soundness of mind. It will help you maintain a good relationship with both God and man. This book will also encourage you to have a positive view of life, even though you are faced with anxieties now.





To become a man is not a day’s task; man crosses numerous bridges or man comes across many challenges.

This book was not composed in a day. It took many years of wide consultation, research, experience and hard work.

No one becomes a graduate and start working in one day; it takes years of hard work.

An apprentice does not become a master on the same day.

No city or town on earth was built in a day.

The journey to success may be rough. However, one must start from somewhere, because nothing nice arrives easily.

In this world, real success is a gradual process, it takes time and effort.


Human does not know in the morning the outcome of the evening.

Unforeseen events sometimes make it impossible to achieve one’s goal.

Things ahead prevent us from noticing the things behind.

Life is not a competition, it is a trip.

Man proposes, but he does not always have his way because of world obstacles.

The sage does not always have the food nor does the clever have the wealth because time and unexpected events always have their toll.

All trees desire to grow just as everybody desires to succeed. Everyone prays for good health and a prosperous life.

All persons come to the world through difficulties and experienced difficulties together.

What prevented the old from becoming rich also prevent the young from achieving it.

Our parents do not always stand behind us. There is saying that “when a child says to his father, I am sorry, it does not only at his father but also at himself.” We all must face the realities of life on our own, despite realities are bitter.

The way we start is not always the way we arrive. Circumstances in life are often critical.

What you do not wish, you will encounter it.

The world is tough, humans need divine intervention in their lives because no man can successfully live by himself.


Life is both a challenge and a privilege. Divine favor does not mean absence of difficulties.

If anybody wants to move forward, he should not think all about this life conditions. By endurance, one can succeed. One who does not cope with life situations will not continue to live.

No one wishes destitution or sickness yet life does not turn out always the way we want.

The rain that falls on a rich man also falls on the poor man and although they do not have same shelter.

The opportunities that a rich man has to acquire many houses will also enable the poor man acquire one apartment or one room. Disappointments reduce power and pride of life.

But a person that has help always progresses and because he engages in brave deeds, there lies the honor and glory.

One without obstacles thinks, he is wise and strong but the man in adversity fights many battles and conquers many difficulties.

A child without parents is bound to experience difficulties just as a person without money and spouse is inescapable to face difficulties.

Hardship without someone to help is the hardest suffering that a man can face.

A person who does not have help is often exhausted and discouraged.


 All humans are not equal in abilities and opportunities in life. But we are all equal in the sight of our Creator.

The conditions of life makes some richer than others.

A person who does not have obstacles is always joyful and distinguishes himself from the less privileged. He looks down on his neighbors and has a spirit of pride due to his exploits in life.

Someone that has help always progresses and jubilates.

No one with sugar or honey in his mouth will rather spit it out. All humans desire to succeed in life.


In life, either you are a man or a woman; either you are white or black or half-caste.

One who has bread does not have teeth; one who has teeth does not have bread.

If you are taller than me, I am shorter than you; that is our difference.

One man’s nourishment is another man’s toxin.

Mum is not the same as dad and a scratch is not the same as a bite, a cough is not the same as a sneeze. Every day is not a Sunday. We all experience mood changes.

Who knows the routes in New York City may not know the routes in Rome. Who knows the routes in Rome may not know the routes in Tokyo or my hometown.

We know only what we have learnt and are familiar with it.

A stranger remains a stranger until he is familiar with the environment he or she lives.

One cannot be here and there at the same time. One cannot be first and second at the same time.

One cannot be a friend of God and a friend of the world. Someone cannot pursue two things at once. You cannot be rich and poor at the same time.

You cannot sit on the fence; you need to make a right choice in life.

On this earth, the way we arrived different from the way we exit.


Everyone was conceived and born of woman. No one dropped from the sky, inequality or prejudice is detestable in the sight of God.

All fingers are not equivalent. However each and everyone have his or her duty to perform with God.

You do not see the sky from one point only. It can be seen from any point on the earth.

The way the day dawns in Africa is the way it dawns in Asia, Europe, America, and Australia or Oceania because no place is the beginning and the end of the world.

No human is superior to the other. We are God’s creation-man or woman, young or old, illiterate or educated, rich or poor, and black or white or half-caste.

If you are of the opinion that makes you feel superior to the others, there is need for you to abandon that mindset and take in the spirit of humbleness if you must command respect.

A prince is as important to the king just as a slave child to his father.

Broom sweeps rubbish from the ground; comb removes dirt from the hair and tooth brush removes dirt from the teeth.

They all do similar things but accomplish different functions.

Everything has its own function, the same with humans.

Where you judge your neighbor or enemy there you judge yourself also.

There is a saying “if you live in a glass house do not throw stone.” 

The stone thrown into the market may hit the thrower’s mother or one of his relatives.

What one requests from the market is what he gets and what a person looks for is what he sees.

When you point a finger to someone the other four point at yourself.

A child that values his body does not do what is bad so that people may not beat him and injure him. What one does not want people to do to him, he should not do to others.


Everyone must carry his own load and shoulder his burden.

Whatever one does produces results, either good or bad.

A person will reap what he plants. No one plants Groundnut and reaps potato, neither can one plant corn and reap banana.

Everyone thinks about himself and bears his own name. That is why one cannot cut the hair of another in his absence. If your love one is sick and without operation, he will not survive, despise the love you have for him and you will not prevent him from the operation.

Someone cannot have empathy for a prisoner to exchange his dress with him. The one that a killer meets in a lonely place will decide how he will escape for safety of his life.

Because the eyes that see death will not fall prey to it. Everyone will answer for himself. If one advises someone else and he takes the advice, it is what he had in mind.

No matter the advice given to a thief, he will decide for himself what he wants.

“I have heard what you said” does not mean I will do it.

Because a mother can chew food for a child does not mean she can swallow it for him.

There is a saying that “you can force a horse to the water, you cannot force it to drink water.”

Any man that is adamant to instructions will have a sudden fall just as a hasty climber.

In this world, before people do bad things, they look around, but they do not look up from where the Creator watches the children of men.

A sinner who hides from men cannot conceal himself from heaven.

Humans do bad things because they think that God does not judge quickly like humans do. God wants people to repent and he is merciful and patient with all.

No one can hide to set a fire- you cannot deceive God.

One cannot steal in the market and place his hand behind his back. Nothing is concealed in the sight of God. One cannot prosper spiritually without help from above, because it is impossible for a basket to contain water.

Divine blessing is very precious to people who appreciate its value. Nothing is more important in this world than to fear God and keep his commandments because his commandments are for man’s benefit.


Our conscience is vital for survival. All humans have conscience. If our conscience does not kill us, we will live long.

Man is a product of his conscience. It either kills him or keeps him alive.

Our conscience tells us whether we are right or wrong; our conscience also may be dead or alive, active or inactive.

A person does not share the meat that he forbids with his own teeth. You do not share a poisonous food with your teeth or prove its poison by eating it. A fly that tests fire cannot return home.

If you have clear conscience, you will not fear any allegation. 

Those with conscience mind do not indulge in bad act.  Rather they perform it in hidden places. 

The gathering at the front of house is for good while the gathering behind the house is often regarded as evil. 

A guilty person is always griped with fear. “He runs when no one pursues him.”

Night and hidden places are the home of the wicked, and there is no peace for the wicked.

A child who says his mother will not sleep will likewise not experience sleep.

And the hand that a child uses to hit a rock will be placed on his head as he feels the pain.

As long as we are alive, we need to use our conscience well. Avoid what is bad and do what is good.


A person’s worth is not measured by his possessions.

An ancient book of wisdom says that “we did not bring anything into the world, and neither can we carry anything out.”

The day we came into the world, our hands were closed. And the day we go away from the world, our hands will be opened.

Whatever is man-made, is short-lived like man. So we should acquire virtue as long as we live.

We met wealth in this world and will also leave it behind when we die, and wealth does not have power over death.

The people that have impression for their primary goal to get wealth, they are in danger.

What shall it profit a person by acquiring the entire world but does not know God? That is an exercise in futility.

Riches cannot give us a lasting good name before men or with God. Whatever a man acquires only gives temporary pleasure. Man cannot pursue material prosperity and have simple eyes. The resources of this world are impermanent safety, they cannot bring lasting joy. If anyone lives easy life and pursue spiritual goal, he will have inner calm that leads to continuing delight. Someone cannot pursue material prosperity and have simple eyes.  

A fine name with God and men is superior to riches. All things are vanity without honor for God.


Life is risky and unpredictable. No sensible person will trust in himself for protection or that he will do this and that in future with no regard to the Creator.

We may live today and tomorrow we may not. 

Man is like a shadow that can be seen in a moment and disappears in another moment.

Many lives have ended, but this world continues to exist without them. In Life, “generation comes and goes” just as there is a saying “soldier comes and goes, but the barrack remains the same.”

No one can change the earth because rocks are never made stronger by the sun, and water cannot get dried in sugar cane. These are the nature of creation.

However, spiritual prosperity and peace of mind are the only true wealth. Material prosperity is momentary and spiritual prosperity is eternal.


Nothing good comes without difficulty. You must make sacrifices in order to acquire something important, because someone who uses a deer set a trap is expecting a tiger.

When one is industrious, he will have what is good. There is no miracle or short-cut to acquiring honest wealth, you need to do something.

A city being beautiful cannot give you what you want because all houses that constitute a city have their owners.

There is joy in having yours and helping the needy.

There is a difference between “ours” and “mine.”

The hand you shook in the market cannot follow you home. Inactive mind is the devil’s workshop. There is no food for an inactive person.

You are welcome is better than you have been at home since.

If you do not work, you should not eat. That is why the hen is very busy with its legs.

Labor comes before pleasure in life.



  1. The worst thing that can happen to a person is if he faces severe illness or difficulties for long time and does not see relief in sight.
  2. The most distressing thing on earth is when your love one dies. The memory remains for a long time even though people comfort you.
  3. In life, two things that lead men to early death mostly are centered on money and women. Likewise two things that lead women to early death mostly are centered on money and men.
  4. If you are married or looking for a life partner, pray to God for direction. Because, the closest way to the grave is when someone is unfortunate to live with unfaithful spouse.
  5. The most evil, one can do on earth is when he commits suicide because suicide is detestable to God and humans.
  6. Four closest persons that one cannot deny even though they do not encourage him and no matter his situation. “Blood is thicker than water.” (i) Parents (ii)Siblings (iii) Spouse (iv) Children.
  7. In this life, to be dishonest, acquire riches and become a friend of the world is easier than to have a right stand with God . But the end always tells.
  8. Three people that are good to respect (i) Anybody who is intelligent and quiet, and does not give glory to himself (ii) Man who is industrious and prosperous, and does not oppress the poor (iii) Woman who is beautiful and polite, and does not flirt.
  9. Anyone that has a good relationship with God in this world must face challenges from people around him or his relatives, because “a diviner has no credit in his own place.” However, integrity pays.
  10. One needs to be bold and do what is right; you cannot change the mentality and the ways of the world. If someone says that he is doing what is right but does not have persecution from people, he should examine himself properly because persecution is the mark to identify any person that is doing what is right in the world.
  11. On this earth, most of the poor want love and unity. They say we are one, we need to live together as a family and strive to show hospitality while most of the wealthy promote the spirit of inequality, so that they will differentiate themselves from those who are not wealthy.
  12. If you do not ignore people that are laughing, you will not encourage yourself because any condition you will encounter, people will laugh at you and whether a person succeeds or not, they will also laugh at him but do not worry about those that are laughing other persons are behind you. Nevertheless, laughing will not end in the world because it is part of human’s lives.
  13. By this, one may likely not to have a friend. If your closest friend betrays you because of your bad experience, you want to think that everyone’s the same. However, everything has advantage and disadvantage. Some friends are helpful while some are harmful.
  14. Two persons that cherish each other will never leave themselves. Even if there are so many reasons to give up, they will find a reason to hold on.
  15. A man who is truly ready to live with a woman, he needs to comprehend the disposition of a woman. Because she can decide immediately and get serious on trivial matters at times. And she can easily get upset and display temper that can lead to wrong action. The man should not always claim his right even though he is right sometimes in order to move forward with her. He will strive to be industrious, and he ought to take the lead to provide spiritually and materially, so that his woman would be submissive to him.
  16. When a man makes a statement that he loves his spouse but he still spies at other women, he is hypocrite. Likewise, when a woman makes a statement that she loves her husband but nurses amorous feeling for other men, she is on the road to disaster. Husband and wife are one flesh. Someone that loves his/her flesh cannot hurt it.


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